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Water Service Line Inventory

In an effort to increase awareness of aging water infrastructure and improve public health, the City is updating it’s water service line inventory. In order to complete our inventory, we need the assistance of businesses and homeowners to identify service line materials. Review the information below and then please fill out the Water Service Line Inventory Survey here or request a paper copy from City Hall.


Who Owns What Section of the Water Service Line?


How To Identify Lead Service Lines

Service lines will primarily be made of copper, galvanized steel, or plastic.

­   Scratch and Magnet Tests:

  • ­Scratch the service line with a screw driver or a quarter just before the meter
  • ­Place a magnet (i.e. from your refrigerator) in contact with your service line

­Lead lines: Shiny when scratched and a magnet will NOT stick

Galvanized Steel: Dull color when scratched and a magnet WILL stick

Copper: Bronze colored when scratched and a magnet will NOT stick

Click Here For Photos of the Different Service Lines



When you have identified your Lead Service Line and done either a scratch or magnet test, take a photo of your water meter to include with the Water Service Line Inventory Survey:

Please ensure both your water meter and service line are visible in the photo


Additional Information:



If you have questions about this information or the survey, please email Water Superintendent, Grant Goeden, at